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which fucking fedora wearing friendzoned nerd made this thing

yeah but notice that the seal’s intent is to eat those fish and the shark offers a mutually beneficial relationship for them

in which a dudebro unintentionally makes a really accurate analogy for the reason that they’re single forever

That’s a whale shark. They’re docile and in no way threatening to people or those fish depicted. Seals, by contrast, will attack people, possibly out of a frustrated sense of entitlement combined with poor socialization skills.

Well that backfired spectacularly.


Regardless of how you feel about other people’s pets, whether they’re rats or snakes or spiders or lizards or whatever else, don’t be a dick. Do not make jokes about killing them, do not comment on how disgusting they are and do not act like the animal is a contagious disease that you need to get away from. These are our beloved pets. You wouldn’t like it if someone treated your pets like that, so please don’t do it to ours just because they’re a little bit different.

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